Program Management:

A Program Manager in conjunction with a Design/Bid/Build or Design/Build “Team” will plan and coordinate construction projects. The Team will enable an Owner to bring his important project to fruition by maintaining the overall control of a project, at all key points. The process of control is key and the utmost to the successful completion. The Program Manager will work as an “Owners Advocate” through the process and help supervise and control:

Project Programming and Feasibility

Project Design and Engineering

The ensuing budget

Construction Team

Project Schedule

A Program Manager allows for a single point of control and stream lined decision making with Owners approvals. This process will put the major decision making process in the hands of the professionals who are committing to and responsible for delivering the product and leave the Owner free to deal with the overall project concept, funding and financing as appropriate.


consulting, engineering and design


 We partner with you through every phase of your project with vision, knowledge, and leadership. We challenge the traditional and customary by reassessing the  routine and restructuring practices as needed to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for a better project.


CME Engineering and Design delivers results through innovative solutions and services that are tailored to your specific needs. We are uniquely experienced with all types of construction, user needs and operations. Our collective knowledge allows us to identify issues early on and resolve them.

With the expertise and flexibility to contribute to projects large and small, we add value throughout the project duration. From conception to occupancy we will provide the same driven entrepreneurial style to completion. Our standard list of services, which will be tailored to your needs, includes the following

Pre- Planning, Assessment and Review Services

  • Support the early planning, feasibility and budget requirements
  • Feasibility
  • Program Studies
  • Economic Impact
  • Facilitate the understanding of programming requirements to support budget and design
  • Budget and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Financial Pro forma
  • Program and Design Review
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Existing Conditions Assessment
  • Community Relations
  • Rendering Studio
  • Program Renderings
  • 3d overlay and material use
  • interactive Architectural Animation-3d Walk-throughs
  • Floor Plans and Architectural Renderings
  • Renderings for Builders and Developers
  • Marketing Renderings

Pre-Construction Services

  • Design and Engineering
  • manufacturing engineering
  • Indoor Air Quality/IAQ for Aquatics: SWAT Team
  • Scheduling
  • Professional Team Identification/Selection
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Performance Specifications
  •          Site Logistics Planning
  •          Long Lead Material/Equipment Procurement
  •         Trade Contractor Qualification
  •         Contract Procurement​